How much coverage time do we need?

Package Questions

What packages suits us best?

This is something we can dive deeper into during your free consultation, but typically it is the package that feels most in line with your vision for your wedding day. I have lots of additional ways to customize your coverage to suit the experience you are hoping to have, so we can always create custom packages based on your needs.

This is one of the first things I talk about with couples during our free consultation. It totally depends on what your vision is for your wedding day (A traditional timeline? Are we hiking? How many locations are there and how far apart are they?) We can always adjust the length of coverage while we craft a timeline for your perfect wedding day experience.

How many photos will we receive?

How long will it take to get our photos/video?

I strive to curate a high quality gallery of images of your wedding day, and although you may hear me clicking away all day, only the absolute best will make it to your wedding gallery.  This is especially true if you opt to include partial or complete vintage film photography to your package. You can expect about 50+ digital images per hour, depending on the time and difficulty of getting to different locations, and 25 images per hour for full analog film coverage. I only get rid of photos that are out of focus, are test shots for lighting, failed technically due to camera settings, are duplicates, or have particularly unflattering expressions, so that number is regularly much higher.

I deliver your digital photographs and/or video within 8 weeks through an online gallery where you can download the images directly and share them with friends and family.  35mm, 120mm, and 8mm film is also delivered in a similar time frame, pending shipping from developers and delivery time to couples. Prints and albums are usually delivered in roughly 6-8 weeks after final approval of images and design.

All print products are screened for quality through me before making their way to you, to ensure they meet my high standards and are properly packaged.

Do you only work in Southwestern Ontario?

Do you charge travel fees?

General Questions

Definitely not! Although I call Essex County home, I serve all of Ontario & beyond. Most couples inquire within the Windsor/Ottawa/Sudbury triangle, but I also travel domestically & internationally for weddings, and have weddings in Las Vegas, Jasper & Iceland in 2022!

If you're inquiring for an event in Windsor-Essex or Chatham-Kent counties, then no! It's included. If you want me to meet you outside those regions, then yes, there is a travel fee. But no worries, I got you! All travel fees are completely inclusive and flat rate, and based on general regions, so you'll never be in the dark or hit with unexpected fees later on down the line.

What if we need to cancel our wedding?

Do you/Will you Photoshop us?

Your retainer is non-refundable, so in the event of a cancellation, no refund will be available for your initial retainer. Any subsequent payments you've made towards your invoice however will be returned to you. If you want to reschedule, it will depends on whether the new date is available on my calendar. I only accept a certain number of weddings each year, and chances are I have turned down other couples for the date you booked. The retainer is money that keeps my business running, and the date I booked for you could have potentially been open to book other work. That being said, I will ALWAYS try to rebook your date, and in the event that I can I will return your retainer to you as well!

I'm all about real moments, real memories, and real stories, and I lean into perfectly imperfect moments. That being said, I follow the "Rule of 2's". If it can't be fixed in 2 seconds, 2 minutes, or 2 weeks, then I don't Photoshop it. Stray hairs, spinach on your teeth, a spot of acne or a bruise... for sure. I got you covered. But I don't alter bodies, and instead I try and showcase all the things that make you a work of art in the here and now, in THIS chapter of your life. Because you are a walking miracle made of magic and stardust, baby!

I'm considerate of all circumstances though, so if you have a particular concern, just let me know ahead of time, and I'll make sure to help you look and feel your very best!

What if the weather is terrible on our wedding day?

Can you change your editing style or give us RAWs?

The plus one to every wedding is Mother Nature, and you never know what will happen when she shows up!  But honestly?  It will be an amazing part of the story telling of your day and create beautiful dramatic photos.  There is always a back up plan, and a back up for the back up plan in case of inclement weather so that your one of a kind wedding day is still an amazing, personal day. Once I have a better sense of what you want to do on your wedding day, and the time and place, I can help make sure we are prepared or have a back up date planned.

For other photo sessions, it's an easy call. If you feel the weather is especially treacherous, we reschedule to a date that works for both of us. (But I really hope you lean into the unpredictable weather and make some unforgettable memories with me! Think of how much less romantic The Notebook would have been without that kiss in the rain!)

The short answer is no.

The long answer is that photography is an art medium, and I consider photographers artists. Part of what sets photographers apart is our editing style... it's the particular artistic way in which we view the world. When hiring a photographer, you are agreeing on a collaborative project. You are trusting us to use our artistic vision and creative eye to capture your story. RAW format files are unedited images with a limited dynamic range of colour that can only be read by specific programs, and they are the building blocks for advanced editing. They are not representative of my work, and are only the first half of a final image.

I do ask for constructive criticisms from you after the delivery of your sneak peeks so I know if your hopes and my vision are on the same page, and can make minor adjustments as needed. But totally change my editing style or share unedited work? Unfortunately no.

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